Counting Cards: Pros and Cons


In our view, any form of cheating (such as “past posting” or “base dealing”) must indeed be considered illegal as is the use of devices such as mirrors or specialized 96aceidn calculators on the iPhone. Keith Staff is a well-known example: in the 1970s, he designed a mechanical and portable card counting device (see photo). However, counting cards is in no way prohibited by law.

So, we have no objection to counting cards. Still, it seems important to us to emphasize that inexperienced players should not indulge in a casino to avoid retaliation in case you do. Counting cards when playing on the Internet is of little interest, but in casinos, a good number of hands are played before the dealer has to shuffle, and in these cases, counting can be very effective.

Hi-Lo system is both one of the simplest and most effective strategies for counting cards. Basically, it is a matter of assigning a certain value to each card and thus of realizing when the ratio of “high” and “low” cards in the deck is unbalanced.

High cards like 10s or Aces not only make it more likely to get blackjack but also increase the chances of reaching 20. A deck with a lot of highs is, therefore, very advantageous for the player and increases the chances of the dealer to jump. Conversely, when there is a majority of “low” in the deck (all cards between 2 and 6), the dealer has a clear advantage over the players.

Train with the coach

To train, we advise you to use our card counting coach, the best way to learn how to count cards in blackjack. Never enter a casino with the intention of counting cards without spending hours training with this wonderful training tool –

The real account second factor comes into play when trying to determine the balance of the deck: the number of cards remaining. As we have already mentioned, the closer you get to the end of the hoof, the more accurate your account will be. By dividing your account by the number of cards remaining, you will get an account closer to reality – the “true count.”

Converting your account to a real account makes it much more precise. It’s a bit difficult, but by practicing with multiple decks, you’ll quickly be able to estimate how many cards are left. For example, if your account is 4 and there are two cards left, then your real account is 4/2 = 2. If your account is still positive after this adjustment, it is likely that you can increase your bets and make some benefits. The “true count” is a more precise indicator of the possibility that the deck is favorable/unfavorable to you.

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