Roulette techniques (Cover the Table)


In roulette, there are countless ways to place your bets on trusted online casino malaysia. Although it is mathematically possible to win money on each roulette wheel, you will most likely lose more money than you win if you place your bets indiscriminately. There are, however, devious ways to force a victory . It is better to use approach strategies aimed at optimizing your chances of obtaining convincing results. Continue reading this article to discover the most prolific betting techniques in roulette,


Bet on 35 full numbers

Many roulette players claim that it is the riskiest bet technique there is. So you might as well only use it as a last resort! How does it work? You just need to bet $ 1 on 35 different numbers. By doing so, you will always gain more than you lose. However, if each victory will bring you 1 $ profit, each defeat will cost you 35. Consequently, for this technique to be fully profitable for you, it is imperative to accumulate a ratio of 36 victories for each defeat suffered. Let’s say it with the honesty that is required; there is little chance that it will happen unless you have signed a pact with Dame Fortune. 

Make 17 horse bets

If you don’t know what a horse bet is, let us define the concept for you. A horse bet is a bet placed on two numbers. In fact, by placing 17 bets straddling the table, 34 numbers will be covered (1 number covered less than the strategy of 35 full numbers). By betting $ 17, you will have the opportunity to win $ 1 each time a horse bet is won.

Bet on 11 transversal

A cross is characterized by a bet placed on a horizontal row of 3 numbers. You will need to place your bets on the inside edge of each row (for example, 1-2-3, 16-17-18 or 31-32-33). Consequently, if you bet on 5 transversals (also called ‘solid transversals’), you will cover 33 numbers.

Bet on 5 simple transversals (5 x 2 contiguous transversals)

Also called ‘line,’ 2 contiguous transverses (or simple transverse) is in the form of a six in (3 numbers, or two solid transversals). To bet on five simple transversal amounts to covering 30 numbers. 

Bet on the lower half 1-18 (missing) and the third dozen

Despite a formula that could put off more than one, know that the ins and outs of this technique are childishly simple. This method requires you to bet $ 3 on the bottom half (lack) of the table (numbers between 1 and 18) and $ 2 on the last dozen (numbers between 25 and 36). In this way, you will earn an additional $ 1 each time one of the 30 covered numbers comes out. You can also go backward and bet $ 2 on the first dozen (numbers between 1 and 12) and $ 3 on the upper half (pass) of the table (numbers between 19 and 36 ). The strategy amounts to focusing on 5 simple cross-functional areas. In both cases, you will have to bet $ 5 to hope to win 6. These two variants cover 30 numbers. 

Bet on 4 horse bets and 2 columns

This is the last type of bet that we will discuss in this article. It involves betting on 4 horse bets and 2 columns to cover most of the table. This method encourages you to bet on two columns and make 4 horse bets in the remaining column for a total of $ 5. You will win $ 1 each time you get a number belonging to one of your two columns and $ 4 if one of your horse bets wins.

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